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Cryopumps and Cryo-Coldheads are using charcoal adsorber for the last stage of Oilseparation. These adsorbers are exhausted after 10.000 hours.


Mostly they are replaced by new adsorbers. The old ones are wasted as special refuse.

Our procedure is reducing the operating expenses of your Cryopump. Concurrently you afford a contribution to the environmental protection.


We regenerate Adsorbers of all manufacturers and sizes at low and fixed prices.

The time to regenerate is about 3 Weeks. Most of the types of adsorbers we are able to deliver in advance from our permanent stock. (Air Products, Alcatel, Balzers, CTI-Cryogenics, Leybold, Ulvac, Varian).




This is the regenerating procedure

  • We empty, clean and control the bin
  • Aeroquip connectors were cleaned or replaced
  • The charcoal is replaced
  • A procedure of evacuating and heating assures the removal of any kind of moisture
  • The remaining gaspressure is measured
  • The bin is filled with Helium with 20 bar (330 PSI), purity 99,9999%
  • Pressure tests and leak tests check the condition of bin, seals and connectors
  • A detailed protocol of procedure is created
  • All work is done following the actual standards
  • We guarantee 1 Year with a maximum of 10.0000 hours production
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