Kryo Anlagenbau, Gas Rückgewinnung und Tieftemperatur Anlagen von Systec GmbH
GmbH - Gesellschaft für
Laser- und Kryotechnik

Industrial machines

With our long experience on all aeras of automation we can offer you a wide range of reliable Machines for a different Productions

We focus on product handling of parts together with Laser marking, Measurements and Visison systems.

In the following you find some samples of realized projects.

Cleaning of painted metal

With a pulsed CO2 Laser it is possible to clean painted metal. A very clean surface of metal will remin.

Writing of Foils with 150 m / Minute

From Role to Role a foil is marked by a laser with a distance of 40 mm and a maximum speed of 150 m per Minute. These are 50 marks per second.


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